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Which Outdoor Cooking Appliances Do You Need?

The Essentials

  • Barbecue - You can't talk about outdoor cooking in Australia without discussing a barbecue. The centrepiece of many social gatherings, barbecues are a must-have item for Aussies with sufficient backyard space. The wide range of options when it comes to price, fuel type, size, shape and portability means that everyone can find a suitable option for grilling in their own backyard.

Some Non-Essential But Popular Outdoor Cooking Items

  • Outdoor fridge - If you're hosting gatherings or parties in your backyard, or just like to spend time outside with the family, an outdoor refrigerator can be really convenient. A bar fridge, portable fridge, or even an additional full-size refrigerator can hold food, drinks or barbeque supplies to prevent you running back and forth to the kitchen when cooking or entertaining outdoors.
  • Pizza oven - If you have the space for it, a pizza oven can be tonnes of fun for pizza aficionados, families and those who like to entertain outdoors.

Where To Buy Outdoor Cooking Appliances Online

If you're looking to purchase BBQs and outdoor cooking and dining equipment online, then consider shopping at Appliances Online, The Good Guys, Bunnings or Barbeques Galore.

Which Gardening Power Tools Do You Need?

Depending on the features of your property, the following tools can all play an important role in keeping your front and back yards in great condition.

Lawn Care

  • Lawn mower - for trimming the grass and keeping your lawn usable.
  • Whipper snipper or line trimmer - for keeping the edges of your lawn neat and trimming hard-to-reach areas.

Tree and Hedge Care

  • Hedge trimmer - a good hedge trimmer can go a long way towards meeting all your needs for trimming, cutting and pruning the various hedges, trees and plants in your garden.
  • Chainsaw - a chainsaw is invaluable when you have larger cutting jobs to do, such as large branches or logs. However, you should also ensure that you have the proper safety gear and training before operating a chainsaw.


  • Leaf blower - if your garden is covered by a lot of foliage then you can end up with a lot of dead leaves on the ground in autumn. A leaf blower vac allows you to easily and quickly clear debris from pathways, driveways and lawns.

Best Gardening Power Tool Brands

Aussie gardeners get good results at great value from Honda, Stihl and Ryobi gardening tools. For those needing more premium or commercial-grade options, Husqvarna and Milwaukee Tools are excellent brands.

Where To Buy Gardening Power Tools Online

You can find a range of gardening power tools online at Bunnings, as well as more specialised retailers such as Sydney Tools.