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Which Temperature Control Appliances Do You Need?

  • Air conditioner - While there is a significant number of Australians who manage without air conditioning, the majority of people have at least one air conditioning unit in their home to help them get through all kinds of weather including our country's extreme summer heatwaves.
  • Heater - A heater is important during the winter months in many parts of Australia. Many Australian homes don't have (or need) central heating so residents will need to consider other options such as portable heaters.
  • Fan - Fans provide an alternative to air conditioning for keeping cool, and even if you have both it can sometimes be worthwhile to use a fan instead to save on electricity.

Best Temperature Control Appliance Brands

Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Fujitsu air conditioners have received strong ratings from customers, while Dyson's bladeless fans and combined fan heaters are also hugely popular despite their high price tag.

Should You Buy Heating And Cooling Appliances Online or In-Store?

Shopping in-store gives you more of a chance to inspect the products, but with heating and cooling appliances it's not easy to test them properly before buying even if you do visit a store. Shopping online can allow you to compare more options and then find the best prices and delivery options for your area, and many retailers also have phone consultants who can provide additional information and assist with your decision.

Where To Buy Heating And Cooling Appliances Online

Some of the leading online appliance retailers include Appliances Online, The Good Guys, and Bing Lee. When comparing prices between different retailers, it's also worth factoring in the delivery and installation costs for your location.