The Best Freezers To Buy Online In Australia

Mitchell Fisher By Mitchell Fisher Updated 19 Feb 2022

A hot Australian summer calls for extra space to keeping things frozen, but stocking up on frozen supplies can be helpful in any season. A standalone freezer can give you additional space beyond what your fridge offers, and can also be useful for occasions like parties or large family gatherings. Here are a few of the best models to choose from right now and the reasons why we recommend them.

Best Upright Freezer

Beko 290L Upright Freezer

Beko 290L Upright Freezer

Pros & Cons
  • Stylish single-door design
  • Most upright freezers that have a similar capacity to the Beko 290L use more energy than this model does
  • You can enjoy maximum vertical storage while taking up minimal floor space
  • Running costs are relatively high due to the size, despite the energy efficiency of this freezer

Vertical freezers come in many different sizes, but this is one very large freezer. With a 250 litre capacity, pull-out drawers, and adjustable shelves, this one has you covered for space. The frost-free, electronic temperature control helps reduce energy consumption and earns this model a three-star energy rating.

The internal light LED display and reversible door are two more features included for your convenience. If you need extra storage for frozen items, you can't find much more than this.

Best Chest Freezer

Esatto 198L Hybrid Chest Fridge / Freezer

Esatto 198L Hybrid Chest Fridge / Freezer

Where to buy
From $449.00
Pros & Cons
  • Comes with a quick-freeze setting, so you can deep freeze items immediately if necessary
  • The frost-free protocols make sure your freezer space is never reduced due to excess ice and avoids the need for manual defrosting
  • You can keep plenty of food fresh by switching to the fridge setting and making the most of the spacious internal layout
  • There is only one interior light on the inside of the lid
  • Some chest freezer models are deeper in width to accommodate chunkier items, but this one is narrower

The Esatto Hybrid Chest Freezer packs in an impressive range of features without an exorbitant price tag and also has a decent three-and-a-half-star energy rating.

One of the best features is the temperature range with easy-to-use controls. Set the freezer anywhere from -24 degrees to -12 degrees, or turn it up and switch to a fridge function between 1 and 10 degrees. It also comes with adjustable internal storage baskets and wire rack, plus a built-in door alarm that alerts you to any temperature changes.

Best Cheap Upright Freezer

Esatto 172L Upright Freezer

Esatto 172L Upright Freezer

Where to buy
From $472.00
Pros & Cons
  • This Esatto vertical freezer is also part of a pigeon pair, with an identical fridge available for purchase.
  • The freezer door is easily reversible, so you can set it to open either way, depending on your kitchen layout.
  • There are no frost-free functions, so it requires a manual defrost every few months.

Despite being a budget upright freezer (retailing for under $500), this Esatto model has a few impressive features, including the nicely finished white steel exterior, reversible door and convenient transparent storage drawers to maximise the space.

Best Cheap Chest Freezer

Esatto 146L Chest Freezer

Esatto 146L Chest Freezer

Where to buy
From $279.00
Pros & Cons
  • This model is approved for tropical climates
  • It comes with a removable wire basket for storing things that you need quick access to
  • With an energy rating of only two stars, this is the least efficient freezer on our list

If you are looking for an inexpensive chest freezer for some extra freezer space for all your frozen foods, this compact, budget-friendly model from Esatto is a great option.

Some feature highlights include a simple and easy drainage system, easily adjustable temperature controls, and a recessed handle to avoid freezer burn. The build and finish are extra durable inside and out to ensure you get your money's worth.

Best Bar Freezer

Esatto 92L Bar Freezer

Esatto 92L Bar Freezer

Where to buy
From $399.00
Pros & Cons
  • Compact enough to fit in small spaces
  • The handle is recessed into the front door to add to the space efficiency
  • There is no frost-free setting, so ice build-up is inevitable

The Estatto 92L Bar Freezer is a miniature powerhouse and easily one of the best freezers of its size. There are plenty of handy features including multiple removable storage drawers, quick-touch temperature control, and a sleek, stylish finish. Additionally, the energy consumption is low, even when compared to other freezers of this size.

Best Freezer Brands

Essato is a leading freezer brand with very positive customer reviews and a range of models covering various types and sizes. The brand was created by Australian industry experts who are focused on providing streamlined, highly functional electrical appliances.

For higher-end options, Bosch and Westinghouse upright freezers have received strong feedback from customers.

How To Choose The Right Freezer

What type of freezer is most energy efficient?

Chest freezers, in general, are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly than most upright freezers.

In addition, if you want to optimise your energy consumption it is often better to have two smaller freezers rather than one large one. Not only are the two smaller spaces likely to be cheaper to keep cool, you also have the option to switch one of them off if only half the total capacity is being used.

What are frost-free freezers?

Freezers with a frost-free setting are able to automatically defrost continually, meaning there is no opportunity for excessive ice blocks forming and taking up all the space. This is a very useful feature that is included in a lot of new freezers, but it does come with an extra cost.

Are fridge and freezer accessories worthwhile?

Accessories such as a built-in ice maker or dispenser may be convenient, depending on how you plan to use your freezer. Storage accessories, however, are essential in helping you to make the most of the space, so consider the interior layout of a freezer and what baskets or shelves it includes.

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