The Best Cooktops To Buy Online In Australia

Mitchell Fisher By Mitchell Fisher Updated 19 Feb 2022

The kitchen is a very personal space, where we spend a good chunk of time cooking for ourselves and our families. That's why having the right cooking space is so important to many Australians, including choosing a suitable cooktop for their kitchen space and their cooking preferences. We've rounded up some of the best cooktops in Australia across several categories, plus a few things to keep in mind when choosing.

Best Overall Cooktop

Bosch Serie 8 Induction Cooktop

Bosch Serie 8 Induction Cooktop

Pros & Cons
  • Ceramic glass cooktop is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and mess-resistant.
  • Impressive features, from digital controls to residual heat warning lights.
  • There are five burners in the heating zone, all of which work with pan detection.
  • Induction cooking only works with compatible cookware.

Induction cooktops are fantastic for energy-efficient cooking, something this Bosch model takes very seriously. Designed to achieve precise control and perfect results while ensuring minimal energy waste, the Serie 8 Induction Cooktop is a great addition to most kitchens.

With a comprehensive list of features including 17 power levels, various cooking style settings, top-notch safety features, and a wipe-down surface, this Bosch cooktop will be able to handle most people's cooking requirements easily.

Best Cheap Cooktop

Westinghouse Ceramic Cooktop

Westinghouse Ceramic Cooktop

Where to buy
From $679.00
Pros & Cons
  • Can reach a high heat very quickly, which is perfect for fast boiling.
  • This model is more compact than lots of cooktops, so it is suitable for a smaller kitchen.
  • The surface is not as durable as more expensive models and may end up scratched or marked after some use.

Versatile and effective, this good-looking yet affordable electric cooktop offers essential features for all your cooking needs, including residual heat indicators for safety, wipe down surfaces for an easy clean, and nine heat settings across four cooking zones.

While most customers have had positive experiences with the Westinghouse Ceramic Cooktop, a number of users have had issues with the surface getting scratched too easily during use or cleaning.

Best Gas Cooktop

Bosch Serie 6 Natural Gas Cooktop

Bosch Serie 6 Natural Gas Cooktop

Where to buy
From $1166.00
Pros & Cons
  • A flame failure device automatically stops the flow of gas should the flame cut out.
  • Choose from five cooking zones with varying heat levels: two standard, one low heat economy, one powerful fast burner, and one centre burner designed for wok cooking.
  • Excellent cooking performance, thanks to smart heat distribution.
  • Difficult to clean and easily shows smears and marks

If you prefer to cook over a natural gas burner, the Bosch Serie 6 Gas Cooktop is one of the leading options. One of the most common gripes with gas cooktops is the difficulty controlling the power of the flame, but the electronic ignition gas flames on this model come with nine precise heat control settings that you can apply to your cooking.

The Bosch Serie 6 Gas Cooktop has an elegant design and also comes with a high-powered wok burner, sturdy cast-iron pan supports and a flame failure device for safety.

Best Premium Cooktop

Neff Induction Cooktop with TwistPad Control

Neff Induction Cooktop with TwistPad Control

Where to buy
From $3599.00
Pros & Cons
  • The ceramic glass finish is easy to clean to looks fantastic.
  • Smart control systems start heating automatically when it detects a pot.
  • Comprehensive array of features including LED display, child safety features and an energy efficiency tracker.
  • Only works with induction compatible cookware.

Neff's Induction Cooktop with TwistPad Control is a beautiful piece of kitchenware that provides ultimate flexibility and efficient heat control.

Designed to work as one continuous surface, the user can adjust the range of the cooking zones to match the size of their pots and pans. Each Zone has 17 power settings and is controlled by a magnetic control knob that can be removed for cleaning.

Best Cooktop Brands

Bosch produces a widely acclaimed range of gas, electric, and induction cooktops, which provide popular and versatile solutions for different customer needs. For customers looking for a high-end electric cooktop, German manufacturer Neff receives excellent reviews for it's innovative premium appliances.

How To Choose The Right Cooktop

What is the difference between gas cooktops and electric cooktops?

Gas cooktops use an open gas flame, whereas an electric cooktop heats a designated space for a pot to be placed on. Additionally, an electrically cooktop is flat, usually sitting almost flush with your counter, whereas a gas cooktop comes with raised trivets or continuous grates to support the pots.

Some people feel that a gas cooktop is too powerful for everyday cooking. However, many of the best modern gas cooktops have specialised burner caps and heat settings to make even the more delicate tasks, such as melting chocolate, possible.

Electric cooktops are easier to clean and can often heat faster than a gas cooktop can.

How do induction cooktops work, and are they worth the money?

Induction cooktops cook food by transmitting heat directly into the pot or pan. It uses far less energy, heat, and time and is generally considered a superior method of cooking in many people's eyes. Unfortunately, it can only work with magnetic pots, so most people would face an additional cost to replace existing cookware. To decide if it is worth it for you, consider the upfront cost compared to the money you stand to save on your energy bills.

Are there certain pots and pans I should use depending on the cooktop surface I have?

As mentioned above, induction cooktops require magnetic pots. Manufacturers of many gas cooktops recommend using kitchenware with a stainless steel design and copper layers to protect from the intense heat.

Material is not the only consideration- you need to take the size into account. Wok burners are designed for large pans, for example. If you have four burners, you ideally want pans that can all fit simultaneously, should the need ever arise.

Can I clean ceramic cooktops easily?

Ceramic cooktops are very easy to clean, and usually resist scratches and marks well. If you cook a lot and are prone to the odd spill, this could very well be a worthwhile option.

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