The Best Humidifiers To Buy Online In Australia

Mitchell Fisher By Mitchell Fisher Updated 24 Feb 2022

Humidifiers can help to clear your sinuses, help with dry skin, or even provide some relief to a scratchy throat. Our list contains some of the best humidifiers that you can find on the market.

Best Overall Humidifier

Philips Air Humidifier Series 2000

Philips Air Humidifier Series 2000

Where to buy
From $199.00
Pros & Cons
  • Uses Nanocloud technology
  • Has three humidity settings
  • 200-millilitre capacity
  • Doesn’t come with an auto shut off feature
  • Some people foudn the numbers on the digital display a bit difficult to make out on the white models

The Series 2000 is a great little humidifier that’s capable of covering spaces of up to 32m2, while the body itself is just around 35cm high and about 20cm wide, so it takes up very little space.

It uses Nanocloud technology that creates water mist composed of such small molecules that bacteria can’t latch onto them and get carried up and around the room. This mist is sprayed from the four-layered vent at the top, which is located around the controls for the timer, the fan speed, the RH value adjustment button, and the On/Off button.

You also have a digital display that shows you the moisture percentage right at the top, three different humidity settings that you can choose from, and a small see-through window located near the bottom. The latter allows you to see how full the humidifier is and when you need to replace the water.

Best Budget Humidifier

Medescan Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Medescan Rainbow Mist Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Where to buy
From $55.00
Pros & Cons
  • Comes with an aromatic diffuser that allows you to diffuse oil or water-based scents
  • Very quiet fan speeds
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Limited features
  • Can make the room colder in winter

This portable humidifier is a great choice for a child's bedroom. It can really help clear out those stuffed up sinuses, especially with really young children that don’t really know how to blow their noses yet. It also comes with a seven-coloured light that can double as a night light and can be turned off at the press of a button, which again, would be perfect for a kids room.

This device also comes with several vapour flow settings that you can choose from, a timer that you can set to turn off the humidifier automatically, and a stone filter that helps keep the diffuser clean. The humidifier is very portable, but it still has a decent 2.8 L water tank capacity, which should be good for about 10 hours of constant mist flow at any speed.

This is a simple humidifier that costs very little and can still get the job done, so if you’re looking for simplicity, then this is one of the best air humidifiers for you.

Best Smart Humidifier

Breville the Smart Mist Air Humidifier

Breville the Smart Mist Air Humidifier

Pros & Cons
  • Seven fan speeds
  • The internal sensor automatically adjusts the fan speed in order to reach the ideal humidity levels that were selected
  • Can create both cool and warm water mist
  • The water doesn’t completely get used up, so it can spill when you go to refill it
  • Some customers said that the digital display is blurred

This humidifier comes with quite a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the water mist. You have the option to warm the mist, a shut-off timer, a night mode that dims the lights, and the option to set humidity levels. You can also either put the device on automatic or set it to one of the seven fan speeds.

The water tank has a 5 L capacity, the timer has a 12-hour limit, and the device itself is perfect for spaces that are up to 40m2. The humidifier is more than 35cm high and 23cm wide, but it can easily be moved and set in place thanks to the wheels at the bottom.

This particular humidifier model comes with a remote control and it has a light-up options screen that displays the timer as well as the RH value that you’ve set it to. But all of these options actually remain invisible until you press the power button to turn on the device.

Best Large Humidifier

Beurer Dual Action Air Humidifier

Beurer Dual Action Air Humidifier

Pros & Cons
  • Very quiet operation
  • The hygenic water heating function kills bacteria
  • Comes with an automatic switch-off function
  • Refilling the tank is a bit annoying to the location of the cap
  • The display light is a bit too bright

This Baurer model is ideal for areas up to around 48m2 thanks to its very large 6L water tank capacity. The humidifier comes with a dial at the front that allows you to choose between several fan speeds as well as three different heating levels, all of which are capable of getting rid of any bacteria present in the water from the humidifier and only spraying hygienic water mist.

You also have 15 aroma pads that you can fill with a scent of your choice, 15 anti-lime pads that can help prevent calcination, and a small brush for general cleanup and device maintenance. The tank is also pretty easy to remove and clean, and you have a very noticeable water level indicator at the side that tells you when it’s time to refill it.

As an added bonus, this device also comes with a three-year warranty, which is a bit of an improvement on the standard two-year warranties that a lot of humidifiers get.

Best Sterilising Humidifier

Ionmax ION90 Humidifier

Ionmax ION90 Humidifier

Pros & Cons
  • The auto mode detects the humidity levels and adjusts the mist spray accordingly
  • Has deodorising and sterilizing water mist
  • Comes with a built-in demineralisation filter
  • Quite loud
  • The low water warning is small and hard to notice if you’re not looking for it

The 6.5L water tank that this unit comes with is the largest one on our list, but thanks to being positioned on top of the motor itself and having a very large cap, you can still very easily remove it in order to refill the water when you need to.

Pressing the power button will automatically activate water vapour, and you can easily select your preferred settings from the display screen that would light up. You have a level button that sets the mist spray to low, medium, or high, the “Desired” button allows you to set the humidity level that you want, and the warm button allows you to switch between cool and warm mist.

You also have a timer that you can set, a few preset humidifier modes that you can choose from, and even a small “low water” notification light that lets you know that it’s time for a refill.

How To Choose The Right Humidifier

What Does a Humidifier Do and Should You Get One?

Humidifiers simply turn water into vapour that gets released from the top of the device in order to increase the air moisture levels in the immediate area around it. The range, power, size, and price all vary from one device to the next.

The reason why a lot of people get a humidifier is that it can help alleviate some annoyances that might result from having dry air in your home. These annoyances include dry or itchy skin, chapped lips, nose irritation, and a dry throat. You don’t really need a humidifier if you don’t suffer from any of these ailments.

What Is the Difference Between Cool Mist and Warm Mist Humidifiers?

Outside of the temperature of the mist that each one spreads, there are a few other differences that could make one of them more suitable for certain situations than the other.

Cool mist models require a lot less electricity to function because they don’t have an internal heating element that warms the water before dispersing it. They also require less time to create vapour and generally cover a much larger area than the warm mist models.

On the other hand, the larger range is thanks to the powerful fans that are built into these humidifiers, which generate quite a bit more noise than the warm mist models. Dispersing cold water into the air also drops the temperature of the room by a few degrees, and it can lead to moisture buildup on the walls and ceiling if it’s set to run for too long.

Warm mist models are a lot quieter than their cold mist counterparts, and the boiling process is pretty effective at killing waterborne bacteria and mould particles, which helps alleviate the most common fear that people have when using a humidifier in the home.

However, in addition to the more limited area of effect and the higher power requirements that we mentioned earlier, these models are also generally a bit more costly than cold mist humidifiers due to their anti-bacterial functionality.

Important Features For Choosing A Humidifier

Each humidifier has an upper limit when it comes to the area that it can effectively cover. The most important thing to look out for is ensuring that the humidifier you get is actually capable of maintaining a certain humidity level in your room. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you read the product descriptions and know roughly how big the rooms in your home are.

Another major consideration when it comes to humidifiers is the water tank. The larger the tank, the more vapour you get until you need to detach it and refill it with water again. Refilling the tanks is usually pretty simple, so it shouldn’t be that much of a bother, but if you can find a model with a better water capacity, then that’s always a bonus.

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